Chips & Ink has operated as a one-stop-shop on many projects, but has also partnered with a range of consultants and organizations over the years as work demanded. These are just some of our partnerships:

DTS Software – In 2016 we worked with DTS to produce an iPhone app, written in Swift, that provided their users with a quick reference guide to a set of mainframe parameters, documents and settings. The app was merged with a second app that provided a control interface for DTS’s storage management product offering.

Openflows Community Technology – We partnered with Eric Goldhagen and a team of PHP developers for The Pulitzer Prizes migration and rewrite. This group also gave us access to module developers who customized specific open source code to meet the special needs of The Pulitzer.

OCMBOCES – Alan Brooks, technical lead, partnered from 2014 through 2017 with the upstate BOCES to develop a teacher Gradebook and parent Portal that was fully integrated with the BOCES own in-house, whole-school system. These systems allowed teachers to migrate off a hodge-podge of systems that required manual uploading of grades at the end of each term, onto our custom-built system that gave each teacher the ability to control their grading system as well as the visibility of any part of the system, while implementing push-button submission of grades to the Marks Reporting and Report Card systems. In addition, we developed a Scheduler that implemented highly sophisticated and flexible algorithms to handle all the complications of the dozens of school districts under BOCES management. This was a co-development project, where the BOCES provided school system expertise, in exchange for free use of the system, and we provided system design and development.